Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Follow-Up Update on Justin

Justin went in this morning to see his doctor for his 2 week follow-up and blood work.. We should have the blood work back (hopefully) by Friday. She said she was testing all his markers from the ER (white blood/red blood, anemia,etc).. She is also testing his liver, kidneys, etc. And she sent off a panel to check for Celiacs (sp?) disease.. We will take these test along with the CT scan with us when we go see the GI specialist next week.

Justin & his Bugs Bunny BandAid!!

Justin is still tender in his belly and has pain intermittently at times. We did get his test from last week back that checked for infection/bacteria in his intestines and it was all negative..(I kinda figured that, since day 1 I have thought it was NOT an infection).. She said she was happy to see he gained a pound in the two weeks and didn't loose anymore. She said with the round of antibiotics done, no fever (that we have caught)  in a week, and his eagerness to go back to school she said he could. So she released him for school starting tomorrow. She did send a note taking him out of PE and any other physical activities until he is cleared by the GI next week. She also said if he returned and started having lots of pain over the next couple of days she would remove him until he saw the GI doctor..  Justin was all smiles when he heard he could go back to school and wouldn't miss his Valentines party Friday.. :)

So right now we are doing more waiting. I will update when we hear about the blood work and also after we see the GI next week! Thank you to all our friends and family and perfect strangers that have offered up prayers for Justin..

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