Saturday, February 11, 2012

Somethings Gotta Give

Just wanted to update real quick on Justin.

Justin had his follow-up appointment on Wednesday. (posted below)

So Justin went to school Thursday and everything went good. I went in and had a pow-wow with his teacher and another teacher about what to watch for and that they knew to call me for ANYTHING!!. I got a report that evening that he did well, but came to his teacher around 2 complaining of being weak and feeling hot. We got home and ate alittle dinner and then he went to bed. Friday he went to school, but only lasted half the day. I went to get him and he was having stomach pains and said his chest hurt.. WHAT this is new.. Long story short the next 12 hours were filled with several talks with the nurses and doctors and a plan forthe night and for Saturday!!

So we woke up Saturday morning to Justin looking very weak. He was having major chest and stomach pains despite being on pain meds all night. So I met up with his doctor at the office. She wasn't even suppose to be there today as she was on "baby rounds" at the hospitals. But she drove all the way there an hour after they closed (they are only open a couple hours on Saturday) just to see Justin. After looking him over we went over several "what it could be" senerios, but ultimately decided to send him to the hospital for a belly and chest xray!

After the test we came home and got Justin a warm shower, some dinner, and pain meds.. He was resting comfy when his doctor called to let us know the news. Basically he still shows Pneumonia in his lower right lung. Our best guess is its trying to come back so we are jumping on it with a new antibiotic. Also he had some moderate constipation and a very distended belly, so we got some meds to clear him out by Thursdays appointment with the GI.. She also decided to take him out of school again until he is cleared by the GI doctor.

Also while meeting with his doctor today we got his blood work from Wednesday back. And basically it leaves us more stumped. I won't get into it but basically lots of levels were normal like white blood count, etc.. And then some were high like his platelets, etc.. Nothing that stood out as "oh I bet its this".. But at least we have them to take and show the GI.. Good news is his Celiacs disease screen came back negative and his salt (sodium) levels are staying up!!

So right now Im gonna sound like a broken record and say we wait. I will update again when we go to the GI on Thursday! Please send happy/good thoughts and prayers toward Justin. Little man could really use them right now!!

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