Wednesday, August 11, 2010

So Excited

This morning Nick jumps up, more excited then I had seen him in awhile.. What was today all about? Well Mr Nicholas started "Big Boy" school today. Atleast thats what he has been calling it since we walked Justin through the Elementary School Doors 4 years ago! Nick started Kindergarten today.. Walking down that halway that I had come to know as a second home was alittle strange this time. Wow was it this time already. Was my last baby boy starting his journey through school. Is it true, is he really old enough to do this? The answer a simple YES!!

Nick proudly walked straight to his classroom. His teacher was standing at the door with a huge smile and it all seemed to fit. We found his desk and put his things away. He talked to his teacher as he quietly gripped my pants leg. She offered some block to play with on the magic carpet and poof that was it, he was off!!. After talking to his teacher for a moment she ventured to greet another smiley 5 year old at the door. Its then I noticed I had become the hovering parent. I silently told myself to go and walked over to Nick. He looks up and smiles, says "I love you" and starts playing again. I kiss his forehead tell him "I love him" and that I would see him later and made myself walk out.. And can you believe no tears on my behalf, welll maybe a couple :)

YAY Im a Kindergartener!

Growing too fast....

Off he goes...

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