Sunday, May 17, 2009

Growing So Fast

So Miss Emily is coming up on 2 weeks old, and already her features are changing so much and she is getting such a little personality. Last week she went in for her one week check-up and we found out she is already back up and 3 oz past her birth weight. She is eating and peeing and pooping like a champ! She is such a good baby and never cries unless shes hungry, and then she kinda just grunts. She has her daddy and brothers already wrapped around her little finger! The boys are so in love with her. Justin is constantly talking to her and telling her how much he loves her, and Nick has to kiss sissy every time he walks past her and wants to show her off to everyone! Joe and I are so lucky to have three amazing kiddos!

Here are some pictures of the past week and a half!

Sleepy Girl

Going To The Doctor

My Blonde Baby

Checking Out Her Bouncy Seat

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