Thursday, June 18, 2009

6 Weeks

Its hard to believe 6 weeks ago I gave birth to Miss Emily. Time has flew by! Today was both of our 6 week doctors appointment. Mine went awesome and I was happy to learn I had lost almost 20lbs already! When I had Emily I was 161lbs and Ive already lost down to 143lbs! Woohoo go me :)..

Emily is also doing awesome! She was 6lbs 1oz when she was born. She lost down to 5lbs 4oz by the time we left the hospital and today at 6 weeks old she weighs in at 9lbs 4oz. My little chubby girl is in the 40-50th percentile in all her growth charts. She did though get 3 shots today, poor thing. Her little legs are so sore tonight, but the Tylenol is helping.

I wanted to share a picture I took today. It is of Miss Emily and my doctor Leigh Redden. She is the amazing women that got me through this pregnancy. She was there for me through every bump, tear, and smile. She got us through the broken foot at 5 week pregnant and all the x-rays that freaked me out. Then she was there and never gave up hope with us when we were told at 6 week pregnant our baby was no longer viable (dumb ER doctor, I have a non-viable baby laying in her crib snoozing away,grr). She was there through the many hospital stays and IV fluids as we got through the hyperemisis and loosing over 35lbs between weeks 8-15. She held my hand literally through the 7 ultrasounds watching for water on Emily's heart or brain because of the fifths disease I tested positive for (thanks again 1st grade ;)). And she gave me many hugs and laughed tons with Joe as she taught him to give me all 20 of my 17P shots that kept me pregnant. What I'm trying to get at is she is the reason I have a healthy happy miracle little girl and I could never thank her enough! Again here is Emily and the lady that helped bring her into this world!

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