Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sick Days

I swear 2012 has been full of sickness. And it seems to not be letting up anytime soon. Justin is still battling several ailments that are linked to his poor immune system just taking a beating. He battles with fatigue on some days and restlessness at night. We just take one day at a time and hopefully his body will bounce back soon and we can have an eventless summer!!

Poor Nick is also battling a nasty sinus infection. I swear its a mirror image of him this time last year. Chronic cogh and drainage. When given a 10 day antibiotic he improves, but soon falls back to the same coughing pattern. So he is actually head to see Mrs Ashley, his allergy/asthma doctor this afternoon and maybe we can come up with a concoction to kick it. Mother nature has been brutal this year as it seems all tree and grass pollens bloomed a month and half early and all at the same time. Add no rain to help knock the pollen down and you have alot of people suffering just like Nick Nick!!!

And of course I couldn't not throw my hat into the ring.. I went to the doctor for suspected strep a couple weeks ago, but I was also having other "issues". Beside the debilitating fatigue, restlessness, cramps, dizzy to almost passing out spells, and random bruising on my arms and abdomen I went in for some test. We got those test back this past week and my blood work showed my anemia has progressed to the severe range since August of last year. My levels all over the board were low. My Hemoglobin that should run anywere from 14-18 was 9 and my Hemocrat which should run for a women around 34-44 was 30.. My blood pressure was low and my O2 in a "resting" state was peaking at 95%. So I am now taking a "horse" pill as I lovingly call it. Its my last attempt and trying to orally build my blood levels back up. I choke down 2 a day and in 3 months if I do not improve enough or in the meantime have anymore "spells" My doctor will be sending me to a Hematologist for possible infusions. Good news is she feels the Anemia is Iron Deficiency Anemia and not APlastic Anemia, which would mean more bad things!!! Im also going to take a trip to the GI specialist (like mother, like son) to see if Im possibly loosing the blood some were in my GI tract..

Like I said the first half of 2012 we should call the sick days!!!

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