Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Basketball Season

So the boys are playing Basketball this winter. Justin played one season a couple years ago, but this is Nicks first year! They are both having a BLAST (and so is mommy & daddy). Justin has already had two games (both they won...YAY) and Nicks had one game so far and they also won, even though they don't "really" keep score at his age!..

They are both so much fun to watch, but in different ways. I find myself on the edge of my seat and my hands blistered from clapping after Justins game. His age group is really competitive and its so fun watching them go back and forth. Both games have been close and had nail biter moments...lol

And Nicks age is so much fun to watch because they are just learning the game. They usually have NO CLUE were to go, what to do, but dang they are so cute in their little uniforms, dribbling that ball down the court. My camera died at the last games, but I was able to grab a video of Nick with his first foul shots. Ill be sure to grab some of Justins next week!!!

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