Friday, January 7, 2011

Sad/Good Day

Today was kinda hard for me, but thats just b/c I over think it! Today Emily and I sat down and together took her crib down! Over the weekend Daddy and I fixed Emilys room up with her new Big Girl bed and moved all her toys from our room to hers! This week she did awesome and slept every night in her room, in her big girl bed! So I knew it was time to say goodbye to the crib that held all three of my munchkins!

So now it sits in the garage waiting to be hauled off. Its hard to say goodbye to the thought of an infant, a baby, a little munchkin and say hello to the rest of our lives. Its slowly hitting me that our "baby" days are over now that Em is 20 months old. Its a sad but good day!

goodbye old trusty crib, goodbye Nicks chew marks, goodbye Justins marker marks, goodbye Ems toy bang It was put through the ringer!!

Emilys new "Big Girl" Room & Bed.. I think she likes it...

Changing Table has now been converted to a "plush" dream house...

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Katie said...

This is an extra cute extra girly room!!!!! I love it!