Saturday, April 16, 2011

Way Behind...

To all our family and friends that read our family blog I am so sorry I am so far behind.. I wanted to drop in and give an update on us. Alot has changed the past couple of months.. Ill go by kiddo ;)...

Emily - She is doing well. She has been fighting a cold/infection of some sort for about a month. It all started with an ER trip in the middle of the night with a fever kissing 105 and NOT coming down with medicine. So far they have thought UTI, Strep, Bronchitis, viral infection, and now we are thinking it may be her adenoids. She was improving, but her cough is starting to return since shes been off her second antibiotic for 5 days.. Other than that she is doing great. We have put into plan of taking away her paci "booboo".. We are taking the approach like we did with justin, slowly taking it out of the picture. Right now we are trying to go several hours without it during the day, then we will move to only having it at night, then lastly we will "loose" them Pray it goes as smooth as it did with Justin!

Nick - Little man is doing good! He has been battling a sinus infection, but otherwise has been doing well health wise. He is doing AMAZING in school! All greens so far this month and even made all s (which is the highest his grade can make) on his report card this 9 weeks!! He has started baseball and is really loving it this year! Hes alot more into it and enjoying the game!

Justin - Our big man is doing wonderful. He made Honor Roll this 9 weeks again (5-A's & 1-B).. His health has been better than us all, which is in itself a Hes of course eat up with baseball. He loves the game so much and eats, sleeps, and breathes baseball.. He recently got a fish aquarium for his 9th birthday and has 14 fishies and 2 crawfish. They are so much fun to watch. Hes just like his mama and would have a house full of all types of animals if we would let him!!

Joe - I have been keeping him very Joe has been busy with work, coaching baseball, playing softball, doing side jobs, and working on cars!!! I worry about him sometimes over doing it, but then I think if he had alot of down time we probably BOTH would go crazy!

Pets - We have added several new pets to our home over the past couple of months. We have taken in about a dozen chicks. We plan on raising them for eggs and breeding the Sultans (the chick with the big "poof") and plus we hope they keep the pest level down in the garden and yard!! Here are some pics of them & the coop Joe has been building!!

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