Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What comes first????

Well at our house I must say the Chicken came before the egg(s) Our little chickens are getting so big.. Its hard to believe these little ones.... (We have 3 White Leghorn Crosses & 3 Red SexLinks)

Have grown into these beauties...

Our girls are so sweet, and now that they are all about finished molting and getting oh so close to laying their first eggs, they have become more trusting and social with us. In fact if you have a treat and you sit down in the yard, you better expect to have 7 sweet girls crawling in your lap!!

I had a neat idea for nest boxes and its working AWESOME. Chickens tend to "share" nest boxes so we got 4 stackable tubs and filled them with hay. At first I got 2, but went back for two more. Hey the girls have the right to choose were they lay, right?! ;)..

(before we added two more)

So now we wait for those yummy eggs. When they start laying I'm hopeful to get at least several dozen fresh egg a week, so look out friends and family! Fresh eggs are a coming!!!

Oh and I can't forget our sweet mini-girl. She was the ONLY hen out of 8 bantam chicks we got at Tractor Supply back in March. She is a sweetie and super shy. She is a bantam chicken and will only be about the size of a softball when full grown. She will lay sweet mini-eggs. Meet our littlest girl... (She is a Dark Cornish Bantam)

at 2 days old...

At 9 Weeks Old....


Watson's said...

So, how is life with the chickens? Is it hard, expensive, time consuming, etc... Do you have any in sight to share with me? We have the coop, but going to fix it up before we get chickens. I blogged about it today :) Any words will help as we are completely new to this!!

I also added you to my blog list!! I LOVE blogs :)

Suzie said...

They are super easy & the most expensive part is the I let mine free range in the yard during the evening & you would not beleive how many bugs and junk they have taken out of the yard and garden. If you ever have any questions just email me or message me on facebook. I know of a great hatchery if you want to order chicks!