Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Additions

Over the past week we had 6 little chicks born. You see one of our hens, the youngest infact, decided to go broody. Sometimes wanting to be a mother hits us early in Well since we do not have a rooster and after 2 weeks of watching her set on unfertile eggs & air, since I would gather all eggs in the morning, I decided to buy her some eggs. So I found a lady that lives near Joes work that had some breeds of chickens that I have been wanting. So I bought 7 fertile eggs from her, 3 of which we were not sure if they were fertile. She charged me $5! I came home 3 weeks ago and put all 7 eggs under our little broody hen....

She was such a determined hen, I mean we had to move her twice and she let me look under her to make sure all eggs were ok and none were rotting almost everyday! Then bright and early monday morning I went out to the coop. Before I even opened the door I could hear little "peeping" coming from inside.. Over the next 24 hours she hatched 6 of the 7 eggs. I ended up opening the last egg after she left the nest and found it was just a yolk and was never fertile.. So now we have 6 new, CUTE, babies running around. They have all since been moved into the garage as the temps are dropping today and we expect lows in the lower 30's the rest of this week!!! But here are the cuties!!!

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