Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saying GoodBye

May 30 we sadly said goodbye to my husbands grandfather, Joe E Lannom III.. Papa was on a cruise in the Bahamas with Joeys grandma, dad, stepmon, uncle, and aunt when he fell ill and passed away in Nassau, Bahamas.. The following days were filled with disbelief, extreme sadness, and alot of questions.

The night we broke the news to the boys was hard. Justin took it hard, as we had been expected. Hes the oldest and has had more "time" with papa.. Nick also took it hard, this we were alittle thrown by. We had not expected him to take it as hard. I must say watching and guiding our boys through this experience of grieving a loss was so hard. It broke our hearts seeing them experience this part of life..

On Wednesday 6/6 we attended the funeral and said our goodbyes. To say this was one of the hardest days as a parent and wife was an understatement. Papaw was a great man and will always be in our hearts!!

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