Friday, June 22, 2012

Update on Me

I wanted to post a small update on me for friends & family. Some have heard bits and pieces and some have no idea whats been going on. A quick recap last August my OBGYN picked up that my anemia had started to worsen. I have always been a borderline anemic and kissed the mild/moderate line through all 3 pregnancies. Last August I crossed over into the moderate range so we started trying various oral iron supplements. Fast forward to March when I started having really bad fatigue and light headiness (if thats a word). I went into see my regular doctor and she discovered the anemia had worsened and was now in the severe range. She attempted one last oral supplement, but I could not take it due to the cluster headaches it was causing.

About a month ago I came down with a horrible sinus infection. After trying to get rid of the junk for over 2 weeks I went into my awesome doctor. She immediately did blood work and within 24 hours I was back in her office going over the "whats next". My Anemia has hit a kinda critical point. Not you need to go into the hospital critical, but a we need to find out why its not getting better and get your levels up asap critical. So I left her office Wednesday, was in the GI doctors office Friday and then last Monday I went in for a colonoscopy and endoscopy. We did find a few things via the scopes that were going on in the GI part (biopsies showed no cancer though :)), and we are awaiting 2 more test results, but nothing so far that would be causing the severe anemia. So now its off to the Hematologist to see what he recommends. My doctor has mentioned everything from IV iron infusions to blood transfusions, but she told me she will let the Hematologist decide which route he wants us to take. She said no matter what we need to get my levels up fast and then determine why! After we talk to the Hematologist and get a game plan I will venture then to my OBGYN again to have her round of test to see if she can find a cause..

I will not lie this past month has been hard! I have had little to no energy. I still have this dang sinus junk and I am now on antibiotic #2 for it. I end it that perscription Thursday, then give my body a weeks rest, and start 3 more prescriptions for some of the GI stuff they found. I will be so glad though when we figure this out and I have the energy to have fun with the kids this summer and not have the physical stamina of an 80- year old lady.. Joe has always teased me he married a little old lady b/c I LOVE to watch Little House on the Prairie and the Waltons.. I guess I'm just making that true ;}

I will keep everyone posted on the upcoming test and doctors appointments. Thank you to friends and family for being there and praying for us. Helping us with the kids with all the doctors visits and understanding of why I have went MIA over the past month. I dont know what Joe and I would do without yall!! HUGS

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