Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Big Pre-K

Well my last little baby has officially started school. Ems started preschool at a local church this past Wednesday. Its the same one her brother Nick went to. We absolutely LOVE the staff there and they treated us so good with Nick.

Emily was up bright and early with her brothers at 6am. To say she was a bit excited was an understatement. It was hard to make her understand that her school started later and that mommy would take her and that she wouldn't be getting on the bus with her brothers. So after breakfast and getting boys on the bus for school we got ready and snapped a few pictures.

Then it was off to school. I was so bummed that by the time we got to the school I realized my camera was on and in return now dead! So the cell phone is all I had at school.. But at least I snagged a few pictures!

After saying our goodbyes (btw I was a brave mommy and didn't cry, yet I did get that lump in my throat like it was coming at any moment) my brave little girl gave me a kiss and off I went.

Her teachers said she had a great day. The only "bump" was at nap time when she got sad and cried to go home. We will have to work on this, but in all reality Emily hasn't really napped since she was 1 year old... no joke.. So we will work on laying still and resting.

I'm so glad she had a great day and mommy did too. Its amazing how much you can get done without having to heard children with you. I got the car washed and tagged and took some clothes back and shopped at Kohls. I also got Joes numbers on the back of his new softball shirt and picked up chicken and dog food!! I even had lunch tucked away  in a quiet booth as I ate yummy soup and surfed on Pinterest! All in all it was a huge success..

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