Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nicks First Day of Pre-School

So today was Nicks first day of Pre-School and he was soooo excited. He was such a big boy with his backpack and lunch box. He got to school and met his teacher Miss Andrea and kissed me goodbye and was like bye mom. I think it was harder for mommy today than it was for Nick. Its hard to believe he is old enough to even go to school. He is such a strong amazing little boy and Joe and I are so proud of him! Here are a couple pictures of his first day. The last one I took as I was leaving, can you tell he was going to miss me????
Walking into school!

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Nanny in Ohio said...

Hey buddy I hope your first day of school goes well and you have alot of fun. It's hard for Nanny to not be there for these special times but you are always in my prayers. Mommy keeps me updated on the Lannom Family Blog. I love you Nick and I will see you soon.

Nanny in Ohio