Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's A Healthy Baby Girl!

We are over the moon happy to announce our little bean is indeed a little girl. She was shy at first, but with alot of shaking and rubbing from the ultrasound tech she gladly showed us the "goods" and there is no mistake shes all girl. The boys are already calling her sister and Joe and I still are in shock and feel so blessed she is healthy and doing great.

She is measuring right on time, weighing in right now around 11 ounces! She is currently breech with her head up near my left ribs. But she has plenty of time to turn and thats the reason I have been only feeling kicks and tingles on my left side. The placenta is covering the front and right of my tummy! She was so cute on the ultrasound, the tech was trying to get her to show us what she was and she litter ally takes both hands and grabs both butt cheeks, Justin got a kick out of that!

As for me I finally gained 1lb, now Im only 28lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight. I was super dehydrated again though and spilling alot of keytones. She lectured me to get more fluids in, but knew b/c of the stomach bug I have had this week is why I was so dehydrated. But Im chugging the water and we are not worried. Well here are some pictures of our baby girl. Now we need name ideas!!!!


She was rubbing the back of her head

Her little feet crossed at the ankles

Mouth wide open!

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