Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Second Ultrasound

Just wanted to let everyone know that we received a call from our OBGYN on Tuesday December 23rd. The final report came in on sweet baby girls ultrasound and it stated "incomplete findings" on the babies lower spine and bowel. In the report it advised my doctor to order an more in depth ultrasound to check both of these. My doctor told us to try not to worry, that it could be that they just got a bad image of that part and couldn't "clear" it until they have a better picture.

See at our ultrasound its done in the office. Then it is sent up-stairs to special OB doctors that specifically went to school for reading sonograms. They send down a preliminary report within an hour, and that is what our doctor gave us. It was not stated in the preliminary report of these findings, and she apologizes for telling us baby girl was 100% healthy, and that she felt she was, but that we do need to come in for a more in-depth sonogram based on the final results (which usually take a week to get back).

So we go in on January 12tj and have our ultrasound and then it will be a week before we get our results at our next appointment on the 21st! Please keep little girl, hopefully to soon have a set name, in your thoughts and prayers. In my heart I know shes fine, it's just sad and scary when your told your baby is healthy and then its kinda taken back and your given a chance instead.

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