Sunday, June 13, 2010

Its getting HOTT in the Boro

WOW its been HOTT the past week here in the boro!! I feel bad for all the TN visitors here for the CMA festival and Bonoroo, our heat index is out the roof! So what do I decide to do on this Super Hott weekend. Well we had a yard sale and sweated out booties off! The kids had a blast helping me get ready and making signs, but when it come to time to sit in the heat they sided with daddy and spent the day in the pool. But the yard sale went good and we got rid of some of the baby stuff (kinda bittersweet).. I can't believe we will not be needing all that stuff ever again :(..

Here are my helpers hard at work making signs!!

Look at the onions Justin pulled from the garden. I need to take a picture of all our tomatoes. All 27 plants are FULL of tomatos - YUMM

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