Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Little Slip - A Little Slide

While at Walmart the other day the boys found a Slip-N-Slide on clearance for $5, so of course they talked mom into getting it! Todays heat index hit somewere around 105 here in TN so we busted out the slide! The boys had a blast, even though Nick hurt himself the first "slide", instead it was more like a flop smack!! But he quickly got the hange of it!

About 10 minutes after we broke out the slide Emily woke up from her nap. I really didn't think she would care for the water in her face, but yet again she proved me wrong. She was slideing and trying to drink the water before I could even get her swimsuit on!!

So of course here are some pictures of our slipping and some sliding!!

Nicks getting the hang of it

Justins Turn

Alittle cold at first

Needed alittle drink

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