Thursday, June 10, 2010


Things have been crazy around the Lannom household! Baseball season is coming to an end. Nick has his last tournament game tonight, Justin had his lastnight! The boys had a blast this season, but mommy and daddy are ready for a little break.

But oh that doesn't mean bye bye to the ballpark. Joe still plays league ball on Tuesday nights and tournaments on the weekends. Speaking a softball, poor Joe got a crappy shot to the mouth by a bad bounce on a ball Tuesday night. Beside the pain his poor teeth are pushed back. Poor guy!

notice the teeth - ouch!

On a more fun note we have gotten in the swing of summer with of course swimming! Turns out I do have 3 little fish as kiddos, lol! They love it.

Also in the summer tradition we are having our yard sale this weekend. Its kinda bittersweet as I am selling all of the baby stuff. Well thats about it!

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