Monday, May 24, 2010

Baseball + Summer = FUN

WOW Its getting alittle warm in these parts the past few days. Middle TN is in the 90's and its such a body shock. A week ago I was wearing jeans and hoodies! Seems like alot of our activities are coming to an end, signaling SUMMER! The boys each have about 2 games left then end of season tournaments! They are having a blast and I love going out and watching them! Soon Spring ball will be over and SUMMER fun will begin! Also both boys are wrapping up school. Nick had his last day ever at pre-school Friday (it was so bittersweet) and Justin attends his last day of 2nd grade this coming Friday!! Then we will officially have a Kindergardener and a 3rd grader in the house - YeeHaw! ;)

Here are some pictures from this years baseball season!! Enjoy!

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