Monday, May 3, 2010

Middle TN Flood of 2010

This has been a very sad and scary past couple of days here in Middle TN.. We are going through the worst flood parts of this state have EVER seen.. Thankfully we are safe. We do not have any water damage, but some of our neighbors are family are no so lucky! Finally today they opened the road out of our subdivision, but Nashville and other parts of Murfreesboro & Smyrna are still under water!! My uncle and Aunts houses both had their basements flood.. We are just all so thankful we are alive and safe!! Please pray for other families in the area though. So much devestation and life has been lost!!!

Also I had to cancel miss Emilys first Birthday party. Im not gonna lie, it broke my heart, but we are determined to make it up.. She will have her special day (even if she doesn't remember it).. :)

Here are some pictures I took..

The end of our street Sunday

The corner of the street I live off of & the street behind us!

A neighbors house behind us

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