Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Little Pocket Change...

We are heading out in a few days for Virginia. We are spending a week with Joes mom & family in Williamsburg & Virginia Beach!! We have been planning and saving since January for the trip! I wanted a way to get the boys involved in saving, so one they would maybe understand it cost money to go on vacation and two make them feel they helped..

So we set out a mason jar & our goal was to fill-it to the top! We told the boys every dime, nickel, etc they found on the floor or in a seat cushion , anywere to put it in the vacation jar. They LOVED the idea and have been crazy putting all their loose change in it.. Mommy and daddy have made contributions too and I even put all the "bills" I found in the dryer over the past few months in too!!

So lastnight we decided to open the jar since we had reached the top.

The boys were so excited and proud.. We kept telling them they did a great job saving and how much this would help out on the trip!!

So after sitting and rolling up the change we are taking it to the bank today. Im letting the boys carry it in and give it to the clerk and let them tell her how they earned and saved money and what an awesome job they did!!

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