Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vacation Fun

We headed out last Friday morning for Virginia to visit Joes mom & family. The trip up was perfect! We left out at 2am and traveled half way on our 10 hour trip before anyone woke up. After stopping to eat and potty we headed back out. The kids were happy and so was I... We arrived in Williamsburg around lunch and stopped for a bite to eat. Then we checked into the hotel and started unpacking. We spent the evening with Nanny (aka Carol) and went to dinner and walked around Colonial Williamsburg!

The Boys...

Some Brotherly Love infront of the Armory...

Old Church - So neat!

On Day two we headed to Water Country and the kids had a blast! His was the first time Nick really ever got to experience a water slide. His first ride I wish I could have captured his face. Hes so tiny he was slipping through the tubes, but he didn't care he had a blast! Emily LOVED it too. The kiddo pool was just her size and she loved floating the Lazy River with mommy!

That afternoon (after a quick nap) we headed over to Busch Gardens (were Nanny works).. We visited Busch 3 times during our visit and still did not see it all!

And seaking of roller coasters, Justin was finally tall enough to take in some of the BIG coasters. The first one he rode was called "Loch Ness" and he LOVED it.. The flips and curves and hills, he rode it several times! Here is a picture of it! (yellow)

While in Virginia we also visited VIrginia Beach and also a local beach called Buckroe. All three kids loved the beach. This was Emilys first trip and she loved it, sand and all! I forgot the camera on our trips to Virginia Beach, but here are some from Buckroe. It was on Chesepeke Bay so the waves were small!!

On Thursday after lunch we headed back home. Our 10 ride did not go as smooth and actually took us almost 13 hours to get home. Very fussy baby and driving during the day, not fun! Next time we will stick to night rides!!! But we had a wonderful vacation and now its time to get ready for school - starts in a week..eeek :)

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