Friday, July 16, 2010

A Weekend by the Fire

So yea it was in the mid 80's but we still had a We headed out last weekend for our first of the  year camping trip. It was so much fun and there will most definatly be more, but only when it cools off alittle!!

We pulled in around 3pm Friday and set up.. After getting camp ready the boys, Joe, and my dad headed down the the water and started fishing!!
While they did alittle fishing the girls started dinner! Emily happily played in her pack-n-play while we cooked. I love cooking over an open campfire, and you just can't beat the food and how it taste..
After dinner we all went down to do alittle more fishing were the boys caught about 2 dozen fish before the sun set for the night!!
Early the next morning we got up and did alittle more fishing and drank our coffee and ate breakfast! Then off on the boat we went, the kids loved it. It was Emilys first boat ride and she had a blast and even did alittle driving.. The day was filled with boating and fishing, and FUN!!
After a day of boating we came bak to the campsite and played, ate dinner and had some smores by the campfire! Sunday we woke up, fished and played then packed up for the trip home! We had a blast and can't wait to go back!!

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