Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chore Time...

The kids, yes all 3, have certain chores they do everyday. They are ever changing as they grow we sorta "move rank" on who gets what chore.. Well last weekend the boys asked for extra chores, but with a catch. They wanted to start earning an allowance.. AWESOME I thought. I remember chores when I was little and getting my allowance. I also remember getting it taken away sometime too.. But hey don't we all!

So Sunday night I put together the kids a chore chart to follow. If they did a good job all week on their chores, without having to be told to do them, and they didn't get any marks on their behavior/attitude portion, they would get paid on Friday!! It was a hit! They did so well all week, and I even threw them both a "new" chore that occurred once a week on the chart.. One knocked off on mommys chore

So I took 2 clipboards and 2 markers and hot glues some magnets on the back. Stuck them to the side of our refrigerator and BOOM, chore station was born!!!

And you might be wondering how much did the little chore masters earn in a week. They both go their full dollars pay on Friday.. Which was happily spent as their cousins Ryans skate party on the game machines.. That's part of the allowance deal.. They are allowed to spend it in any way they please..

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