Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Size Doesn't Matter

Justin is now 9 years old and a well rounded 4th grader. And as he grows I see an amazing young person coming out in him. Hes my sweetheart, who wears his heart on his sleeve. He loves everyone and will do anything for anyone. As he grows I see him starting to take notice of things. Here recently he came home from school, not upset, but wanted to talk. He told me some of his classmates were teasing him about his size and being short. I reassured him hes perfect and its just all in his genes. Yes his daddy was tall and stocky, but I was a tiny kid. And my cousin Greg, whom Justin favors ALOT, is also on the smaller side.. Well we were until we got to high school.. Justin smiled and didn't give it another thought, but I have..

You see when Justin was born he had alot of health issues. Most were respiratory related and until age 5 when they finally figured out what was going on he was pumped full of all different medicines in hopes they would help. Turns out some I guess hurt him. At age 7 his pediatrician confirmed Justins growth had been stunted from the steroids he took as an infant and baby for his breathing issues. But she reassured me Justin would catch up as he grew, it just might take him longer..

I know and will show Justin as he grows, he was made the way he is for a purpose. Hes perfect in every way and size really does NOT matter!!!

Here he is next to his BFF Gabe and I swear one of the tallest girls in his class...hehe

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