Monday, March 5, 2012

A Few Upgrades

The past week we have been doing some I guess you could say "upgrades" to the boys room.. We got rid of their old broken beds for a new twin over full/futon bed.. Dropped the old dresser, door handles, and bulky tv and replaced them with a new hidden in the closet dresser, new desk and arts center and a NEW flat screen.. I teased the boys they were "movin on up"

Nick is Joes Right Hand Man
Loves to help fix ANYTHING!

New Bed - New Mattress is to be in this week!

Desk & TV

I still have about a dozen
(no joke)
Team Pictures to Hang Up!!

Also we had some pretty ugly storms blow threw Friday night.. I snapped this picture at sunset.. Middle TN got out ok, but our neighbors to the north (KY) and south (AL) got hit hard!!!

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