Friday, January 23, 2009


Well it seems I do alot of "baby" talk on here so I want to take a moment and brag on my boys. Lets start with Justin. Today my big boy got yet another round of awards. Joe and I are so proud of him. Every six weeks since he started Kindergarten he has received the "Stallion Star" award. It's given to kiddos that get only "S" and check marks on their report cards. The past 3 six weeks he has received the "good citizenship" award also. So today mommy FINALLY got to go watch him get his awards. The first six weeks I was in the hospital and the second six weeks I was at the doctor. Today mommy had the day alone and got to watch her little man in all his glory. Also I want to brag at how much Justin takes after his daddy.Besides the charm and good looks ( ;) ) he has inherited his daddies math skills. He tested in the 89% on his math score for the first semester testing. He LOVES math and tends to count everything. SO PROUD!

Now for mister Nicholas. Well my little bear is growing up so fast. He comes bolting out of school today screaming "Mommy I got in the treasure box". Now to do this they have to keep all their "stickers" through out the day, and for Nick that's easier said than done. But today (one of like maybe 3 days so far) he was able to keep his stickers and receive a trip to the "treasure chest". He was so proud and so am I! Also here recently Nick has become in LOVE with his upcoming sister. I am still amazed at how much he talks about the new baby and really seems eager to meet her. I know he is going to be an amazing big brother like Justin and I can't wait to watch him play out the role! I also wanted to post a picture of his "curls". Everyone can't get over how curly his hair is since we have let it grow out. But now that its over his ears daddy is eager to get it trimmed, so after his bath today I snapped one last photo of the "do"..

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