Sunday, January 4, 2009

Half Way There!

Well technically I am 21 weeks today, but either way we are half way DONE. I'm getting so excited, yet so nervous. I can't wait to see our beautiful baby girl, but I also want her to bake as long as possible and come out perfectly healthy! Some fun news is Joe and I have started her nursery, she better still be a girl at our ultrasound on the 12th!!! Joe cleared out the room and cleaned the carpets. I also have her bedding, I got a GREAT deal on it. Target was clearing out for there incoming spring stock and I got her crib and room bedding marked on clearance for about $30.00 less than it originally was. I will post pictures when we are done, but we still have TONS to do.
Hope everyone had a great new years! Here are some pictures of me at 20 weeks!

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