Monday, January 12, 2009

She is still a GIRL!

So we went in today for our repeat ultrasound on little bean. Of course the ultrasound lady isn't really allowed to tell you anything, but she made sure to point out babies bowels and told us what all she was measuring. It was amazing how much more detailed she was with the whole scan. She spent alot of time just measuring the heart, spine, and fluid levels. We should know by next weeks doctors appointment if they found anything wrong. I'm going to call and ask if they can call before then if the results come in, but they had mentioned it takes about a week to get them back.
So from what they could tell baby is still a girl. She has changed positions and is almost head down, with her little head smooshed into the placenta. She also had her legs crossed again, but this time at the top kinda like a lady sitting in a chair. The ultrasound tech was able to come behind around her butt and get a shot of the goods. Now she and Joe said they could tell it was a girl, the tech even putting an arrow at the labia. But I have a hard time reading these things and can't see
Well here are the pictures they gave us today, not many, but I was happy I got a few. Little baby didn't look much different to me, but Joe made sure to point out her feet have gotten bigger. Yep she got her daddies and brother big Lannom feet.
Hi Everyone!

Big Feet

The GIRL Goods

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