Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Opening Day - Fall Ball

So last night both boys had their first games for the fall ball season. This was Nicksters first "real" game ever! He did soooo well and we are sooo proud of him. Even though its "T-ball" its so much fun to watch these little guys running around. And per league rules the umpires have to "stop" all possible collisions at home plate (third base runner from running into catcher trying to score a run)... So Nick was stopped all three time so we all said he hit 3 triples last night...hehe

Justin did awesome too... Its so different and so much more nerve racking watching his age group. Its crazy how serious these little 7 and 8 year olds are. Justin got a new bat (well actually 2 - thanks daddy) and we all were teasing him last night about his new bat and he better hit good. Mamaw (my mommy) even told him for every home run he hits he got $5.00... WELLLLLLL Justin is lead batter, comes up to the plate, hits two foul balls and then BOOM home run. He was sooo proud and so are we. He kept saying "I got the first hit, the first home run, and the first $5.00 of the season"
Here are some pictures of my two little ball players!

Ready For His 1st Game

Warming Up

You taking pictures of this mom???

And He Is OFF
Justins HOME RUN!!!

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