Saturday, July 7, 2012

America gets another year older...

Happy 236 Birthday America!!!

Around here we celebrated the 4th just alittle different this year. You see we have had temperatures in the 102 to 106 range everyday for about 2 weeks! Along with very little rain in over a month we are very dry around these parts. That caused all local cities to enforce a no fireworks ban. While the boys were sad they didn't get to shoot off any fireworks they still had a good fourth! We went to moms and had a cookout with her and some good friends of ours. We also spent the day in the pool swimming and during the hottest part of the day they all rocked out to the Wii and rock band games!!

They even hit the pool up for a late night swim and got to watch a few fireworks. Apparently some of moms neighbors are not afraid of a little ol $2500 fine or 11/29 in jail... :/

Good news came though just the very next day in the form of a good soaking summer shower! But it wasn't a simple shower. Our neighborhood got pelted for over 20 minutes by the craziest hail storm I have personally ever seen. It started off as simple pea size but soon grew to thuds of quarter and nickle size hail.. It destroyed our canopy tent in the back and also dinged up our camper and Joes car!! But the garden and yard was sure thankful for a good drink of water!!!

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