Sunday, July 1, 2012

What a Week!!!

Well this was one, ummm, interesting week. I guess that is how I could put it.. All seemed calm the first part of the week! We spent Monday cleaning and washing clothes from our camping trip. Then Tuesday I wasn't feeling very well so we spent the day being lazy and relaxing around the house. Tuesday was the first "OH MY GOODNESS its hotter than a firecracker day" of the week.. Temps after Monday stayed in the 100+ range!!! Even the pool was just too hot to play in during the day!!

Then we got to Wednesday, you know when things got "interesting".. We were scheduled to go sign on our home refinance (btw if you need a totally AWESOME loan guy I know one so hit me up, he ROCKS). So we were to meet up in Franklin to sign at 4pm. The kids and I were eating lunch about noon and I get a call.. It was Joe and when I answered he sounded like he always does, until he says "Hey Babe what are you doing? Thats good, hey don't panic, but".. Yea the "but" like just because you warned me not to panic, that I instantly dont go to the "Oh no what" place.. He informs me he was doing some repairs around the shop at work and sliced his finger pretty bad so he was on his way to the ER for stitches!! AWESOME, not! Now I will let you know, and this is horrible of me, but after 10 years of marriage and 13 years together when he tells me what he did 10 years ago I would have been "OMGosh baby are you ok", but yea this time I just laugh and went "oh lordy".. And he did too.. :D So the kids and I finished lunch and got ready early and headed to the hospital to watch daddy get stitched up! (WARNING some of these pics will make a weak stomach turn)..

So after Daddy got stitched up he still didn't get out of going to the refinance signing and writing his siggy about 40 times.. Such a trooper with his big white fluffed wrapped pinky with matching hospital bracelets....

So Thursday the temps again were in the 105+ range. Too hot to play outside so the kids and I decided to hit up the movies to watch Madagascar 3 (Afro, Circus, Afro, Circus, Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Afro).. This was Emilys first movie theater experience ever and she loved it, expecially the tub of popcorn!


Thursday night was Justins last baseball game of the season. Well litterally 5 minutes into the game Emily gets stung on the face/lip by a yellow jacket.. Poor baby, her face swelled upso fast, but she was such a brave girl. The sweet ladies in the concession stand gave her a free popcylce with her ice pack for the swelling! Thank goodness she is apparently not allergic to bees. Everytime the kids get their first stings it makes me so scared they just might take after my dad in the "I need an epi shot for this sting" department...

Her lip was so puffy & inside lip so swollen

So then we get to Friday. Im not sure if I over did it Thursday or what, but I woke up feeling pretty crappy Friday. I spent most of the day in bed watching movies with Emily or laying in her floor as she played. After lunch I noticed it was just getting way to hott in the house. My dad came over at 1:30 to get the kids to go swimming, at this point the thermostat in the house was reading 87 degrees. So I called Joe and he left work and came home.. After some inpection he determined the compasitor was blown on the outside unit. After calling 4 stores around here he finally was able to find one in Nashville, but they closed at 5pm and it was now 4:15pm. So we fly to Nashville and get the part. By the time we get home the temp in the house is 97 degrees. Thank gosh my husband is the best handyman around b/c he fixed the problem with a part that cost under $20. It was going to cost us $70 to just have a HVAC guy come out and tell us what was wrong, plus around $200 for THEM to replace that same part. So we turned the AC down to 70, left to go grab dinner, and thankfully returned 3 hours later to a much cooler house!

This little part caused all the fuss..

I know it could have been worst, and we could be forking over several thousand dollars for a new unit, but this was the icing on the cake and when I called Joe to come home I was in tears. It just seemed like this week it was one thing after another!! But today is July first. We now start the second half on 2012 and I have high hopes it will be alot easier than the first half and I PRAY its not filled with so much sickness and issues as the first half has been. So thats how last week went. Today is the start of a new week, fingers and toes crossed its alot less "interesting"... ;)

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