Monday, July 9, 2012


So I wanted to give a quick update on me. I went to meet my Hematologist at the Oncology center today (loved him)!! I had bloodwork before my appointment so he could take the previous 3 bloodworks from March & June to compare to today. Well today my levels had dropped more. Basically long story short he is going to try IV Iron Infusions asap. Some have asked some good questions so I thought I would write a few down to help explain.

Type of Iron Infusions I will be getting?
 - INFeD (Iron Dextran) is he kind I will get (hints the title :) )

How many will you get
 - Right now we are playing by ear. I will have my first on Monday and then bloodwork in 6 weeks. If my levels drop again he said we would do more.

What is the process?
 - Joe and I will go to the hospital in the morning, I will get hooked up with an IV catheter and receive IV benadryl & a steroid. I will then be given a test dose of Iron. If I do not have any allergic reactions they will start the full infusion 30 minutes after the test dose. I will receive the infusion over a roughly 3 hour period. After that home we go to rest!

What are the side effects?
 - There is a possibility of a severe reaction, but its rare. Thats why they give the test dose. Afterwards for 24-48 hours I should expect flu like symptoms. After that I'm fingers crossed I start to feel better. (more energy, not short of breath or dizzy, etc)..

Are you scared?
 - Yes and No.. I'm sooo ready to feel better and like myself again at this point I will do pretty much anything to feel better. With that said I am scared of the prospect of the whole process itself and how my body is going react..

So there you have it. I will post after Monday on how it goes! Thank you again for all the prayers, text, and calls. You will never know how much it means!!

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