Monday, July 16, 2012

Everything Went Good...

So I had my INFeD infusion today and I would say it went good. We got there around 9am and got checked in. They placed my line in and started giving me IV Benadryl & Dex. I also got some nausea meds too by mouth.After the Benadryl was in I felt crazy, like Suzie had one to many beers crazy. I guess I'm not like others because I HATE that "drunken" feeling. After we got all the meds in they brought a syringe of test iron. She slowly injected the iron over about 5 minutes. I swear it was like 1cc of test iron. Then I sat there and felt like a zoo animal with everyone watching me. After about 30 minutes with no major reactions they started the full infusion. The nurse came over to turn the pump on for the full shebang and Joe sweetly looks over and smiles and states "your doing good, no throwing up or headache". I laugh and said yea "also no cardiac arrest or death". The nurse just chuckled. Hey I look for the BIG positives!!!

Iron is going in...

So I snuggled in my comfy reclining chair and started my crossword puzzle. Do you know how frickin hard it is to complete a puzzle when your drunk on Benadryl. Well lets just say, it hard! Poor Joe didn't leave me for the next 3.5 hours. I tried to get him to go walk around the hospital, as he was stuck in a little old hard chair playing on the Kindle. But he never moved, except to get me a blanket, GOSH don't you just LOVE heated hospital blankets!!

Playing Drunken Word Cross.. :}
(I look like I have 2 black eyes...eeee)

So we are home now. I'm feeling super weak and came home and slept for about 3 hours. Now I just feel tired and my arms and legs feel heavy. Not sore or hurting, but like I have 5lb weights attached to all my limbs.. We go back in 6 weeks and that's when we find out if my body is doing what its suppose to and absorbing the iron and turning it into red blood cells. If not I'm not 100% sure what test will come next. As of now I'm going to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie with the guys. Night all!~

PS - I wanted to add I feel so incredibly blessed. Im so lucky that my situation is manageable. That I should recover from this and its not going to take my life. As we sat in the treatment room today I met 4 incredible people. They were in the chairs around me receiving their chemo treatments. All were so smiley, except one. A lady and her sweet husband whom sat directly in the chair beside me.They came in about an hour into my infusion. She had just received her breast  cancer diagnosis and was there for her first chemo treatment. The nurses were telling what she was getting and what to expect. She looked so scared and her husband never let go of her hand. Life is short and hard, but you gotta fight. I thank god every second of every day for my amazing family and friends. You don't know how much you mean to me. Family and friends is what gets your through hard times like these. Blessed doesn't even begin to descirbe my life!

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