Friday, July 13, 2012

Getting ready for school!

This week has been, well, a lazy one. After several months of no rain, it decided to rain every day this week! I am not complaining, my garden looks like it has life again and it sure was nice snuggling up with the kids and watching movies this week! It stinks though that the grass also began to grow again. Joe is out back finishing mowing as we speak! I bet when hes done he will do some more hitting with his make shift batting net stopper. I guess I need to break down and buy a batting cage net thing. Both him and Justin tend to share our baseballs with the neighbors!

This weekend we really don't have big plans. I plan to hit up a few more stores to grab some school supplies. Im trying to only hit the sales and save on the loot since we have 3 going this year. Yes Emily will only be in preschool, but she is still going to "school". Here she is trying on backpacks at Kohls...

And I found some cute preschool games for my kindle. So everyday we have alittle math and abc practice!

Well thats about it. I will post again Monday evening if I am feeling up to it about the infusion. I will leave you with Nicks face. Photographer Justin took it in the backseat. Guess thats what I get for leaving my camera back there.. Love their candid pics!

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